Care & Handling Tips

Keep your work area clean

Step 1: Sterilize everything.

Clean cutting tools, workbenches and countertops twice a day.Clean buckets and floral containers after every use.

(Rinse thoroughly, especially if using chlorine bleach Clean floors, shelves and coolers at least week).

Unpack and Inspect

Step 2: Check the shipping temperature and unpack flowers immediately.

If you can’t unpack flower boxes immediately, store the flowers in their shipping boxes in a floral cooler at 33 F to 35 F. If you spot any problems, isolate the flowers and contact us.

Give a Fresh Cut

Step 3: Clean and cut stems.

Remove all leaves that would fall below the water line. Thoroughly rinse stem ends. Remove at least 1 inch to 3 inches from all stem ends, either under water or in air, with a sharp knife or pruner.

Give flowers a long drink

Step 4: Place flowers into hydration and/or flower-food solutions.

Place your flowers directly into sterilized containers half filled with water and  flower food solution.

Eliminate Ethylene

Step 5: Protect flowers from ethylene.

Control or eliminate sources of ethylene in the store. Keep flowers away from fruit and remove faded flowers as they occur. Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight, heat or drafts. 

Educate your Customers

Step 6: Give flower food and directions to every walk-in customer.

Include at least one 10-gram packet of flower food - enough to make one quart of solution with every purchase.

A few more tips!



  • As the buds open, you may want to remove the pollen because it could stain  your lily blooms or your clothes or table linens.
  • If pollen stains occur on blooms, remove with a chenille (fuzzy) pipe cleaner. If pollen stains occur on clothing or material, remove with sticky tape (DO NOT APPLY WATER).



  • Make sure you fill containers or vases with 3/8” of fresh cool water. Too much water may damage the stem.
  • Calla stems tend to split and curl up on the end,  re-cut the damaged area and place in fresh water making sure to save enough stem length.



  • Gerberas arrive with stems in straws and flowers cones or nets, keep them in place until flowers have had about a day to adjust to their new environment.
  • Avoid getting water on the flowers, botrytis develops and spotting and rotting occurs.



  • Mist daily, tropical flowers love humidity.
  • Submerge ginger heads in fresh water for 5 minutes upon arrival. 



  • Support stem(s) in a tall, slender vase.
  • If the stems are not supported, the life expectancy of the flower is significantly reduced due to lack of water to the flowers.

Proteas & Pin Cushions


  • Keep Flowers of Proteas and Pincushions dry.
  • These flowers dry well by hanging them upside down in a dark location or just let dry naturally.