Our Lilies

Premium Oriental Lilies


 A cross between the Korean L. speciosum and the Japanese L. auratum, Oriental Lilies have large flowers with reflexed flower petals and a wonderfully sweet fragrance.  

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Oriental Trumpet Lilies


Orienpet Lilies, also known as 'OT' Hybrids, created by breeders who crossed Chinese Trumpet Lilies with Oriental Lilies. They have the stature and trumpet-shaped flowers of the Trumpet Lily, and the exotic beauty and fragrance of the Oriental Lily.

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Rose Lilies

Rose Lily

Roselily, the natural beauty of two flowers combined into one! Roselily, the new pollen free Oriental lily with a light pleasant fragrance. That’s right, no more pollen on clothing after handling them!

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Colossal® LA Hybrid Lilies


 Colossal LA Hybrids are the result of crossing Lilium Longiflorum (Easter Lily) with Asiatic Lilies. These Colossal LA Lilies have larger flowers and a very slight fragrance. 

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Premium Color Calla Lilies


Calla Lilies, Colored Callas, mini callas, colored mini callas and Zantedescia hybrid. No matter what they are called, these elegant beauties are best recognized for their classic, chalice-shaped flowers that come in a wide array of colors and sizes. 

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Miscellaneous Offerings



The Gerbera beauty is because of the blushing blossoms in countless hues.  Gerbera Daisies are from tropical regions of South America, Africa and Asia, being the fifth most popular flower in the world. These beauties are a must in every floral department.

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Tropical Flowers


From farms in the Costa Rican rainforest come a wide variety of high quality tropicals to enhance your floral category.

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 Elegant mixed flower bouquets are part of our offerings! Our unique bouquet​s​ are also a delightful way to introduce variety to your programs. Expertly designed to complete our array of offerings.

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Miscellaneous Flowers


From our farms around the world, we offer an assortment of unique flowers to enhance your floral department.

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Cymbidium Orchids


Premium Cymbidiums offered year round to complement your overal floral offerings. 

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Assorted Greens & Fillers


With an assortment of greens and fillers, we complete the gamut of offerings to complement your floral program.

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